Speak Up!  Create a Compelling Talk that converts your audience to paid clients using your story

Do you dream of being a speaker to share your powerful message 
but don't have your talk written or know where to get those gigs - especially during these times of crisis?
Get ready to go from sweaty palms 
to sought after speaker.
In five days... you will learn how to uncover and create an amazing talk based on your unique “SOUL STORY” that the world is dying to hear, where to get booked, and how to get clients and make money. 
No matter if you're speaking 
online or on stage.
WHY take the 5 Day Challenge?
July 6-10
While we’re still in a global pandemic, it’s the PERFECT time because:
  • Your online speaking opportunities are everywhere: speaker summits, online workshops, podcasts, live streams, virtual events, or writing a book
  • ​Your audience will be bigger than ever because everyone is online 
  • You can create your own events on any social media platform 
  • ​Gain massive visibility in front of other people’s audiences
  • You’ll build your speaking portfolio with online gigs so you can apply for real-world events as your next step
  • ​Stay front and centre in your ideal client’s line of vision
  • Once the world opens up again, you’ll be SO READY to step out on a real stage to share your story
Together, we’ll craft a really clear, authentic message for you, and by using powerful storytelling, you’ll know exactly how to convert
 online audiences into real live clients.

These 5 days of ground shaking, business booming topics and downloadable templates can be used and implemented into your business INSTANTLY to create more 
Influence, Impact and Income!
Your Story is your Signature
We start by uncovering your “Soul Story Moments” (your life experiences, your mess or that ‘moment’) that is the catalyst for your mission. We begin to create the foundation of Your “Soul Story” that the world is dying to hear (this is your Super Power and Super Connector to the world!). 
Becoming a Powerful Storyteller is your #1 marketing tool! 
Marketing Message Map
I show you how to map out a really cool, powerful message, using your gifts and talents and killer content with my step-by-step template. We then create the content section of your signature talk or story based on the challenges (from Day 1) you have faced in your life/business and the corresponding action steps you took to overcome them. Here you solve the challenges your ideal clients are in.
How to Make Offers Online
You will learn the different types of calls-to-action (offers) that need to be in your story, that move your audience into taking fast action with you (free offers, strategy sessions and even paid programs)! You’ll know exactly what to say, what not to say and how to have that WOW effect from the moment you have the floor (or the screen!) that creates a deep connection with your audience.
How to Get Booked Speaking On and Off Line
Using my 'Get Gigs - Where to get Booked’ template, I show you exactly what you need to do and have to get booked for online and live speaking events. You will learn what decision makers are looking for and how to stand out from everyone else so they say YES to you! We also talk about where to find those juicy gigs - speaker summits, podcasts, virtual events, etc.
Converting Online Audiences into Real Live Clients
Whether you are speaking at an online networking event, creating your own virtual seminar or being interviewed on a podcast, I walk you through the 3 simple ways you can attract the right clients, all by using your #1 marketing tool - Your Soul Story. I show you how you can inject extra income into your business, create passive income every time you become visible and become a sought after expert.
Take your message and create an amazing talk, showing you where to get opportunities to tell your story in front of big audiences, and how to convert those watching you into loyal paying clients!
"...my business is now on track for $400k this year"
Odette's approach teaches you to speak authentically, own your truth and share from the heart - without ever feeling sales-y!
I just did the math... with implementing what I have learnt puts my business coaching business over $400k for the year in revenue. Showing up with your story live is the way to go! Unbelievable.
Laura-Jean B.
"...It's Working! I signed up my first long term client"
It’s Working!! I wanted you to know I signed up my first 6 month coaching client and l will be signing up more with my 3-month option all from a talk I gave for about 17 ladies.
If it weren’t for you - I wouldn’t have had that talk to give in the first place. So thank you.
Laura D.

Hi! I’m Odette Peek, a professional speaker, experienced business coach, and TEDx alumni and I help entrepreneurs use the power of their personal story to create a captivating talk that converts audience members to loyal paying clients.
I am the creator of the popular programs 'How Big is Your But?', 'Money, Message and Meaning' and 'Speak from the Soul…and Sell in Six minutes or Less'.
I’ve built two 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years. 
In August 2010 I went full time in my coaching business. Thirty days later everything fell apart. 
My relationship ended, both of my parents passed away within two months of each other and I woke up one morning and could not move my arms. I had an acute paralysis in my arms and hands that lasted for over 18 months. 
I fell into a spiritual and emotional breakdown.
So I started networking all over the place and started to make a little bit of money, just enough to pay my bills, but nothing extra. I wasn’t speaking or sharing my story, I was too afraid to and didn’t know where to begin. 
By accident I found a new networking event online. When I got there, the organizer offered me 2 minutes to tell the room who I was and what my business was.
I was scared to death because I didn’t know what to say! I quickly wrote my ‘speech’ on a cocktail napkin.
I ended up selling ALL my books and closed $20,000 in coaching sales! 
I added 25 people to my list and in follow up closed another $20k!  
I met another event coordinator who asked me to speak at her 700 person event- and I closed over $100,000!

And then it hit me... 
This is how I built my first business to multiple 7-figures within 5 years in 1993 during the worst recession in Canadian history (just like the 2008 recession)... just be sharing my Story!

I spoke at as many networking events, office presentations, workshops and seminars I could, even if they were only 2-5 minutes. 
So I created a formula that netted me $20k, $40k and more from speaking in front of rooms, even with only 20 people attending and in as little as 2-5 minutes. Sounds crazy, right?!
The real proof was that my clients started making that kind of money too and the Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six minutes or Less Program was born.
So if you know you have a powerful message to share with the world, then it’s time to SPEAK UP! The 5 DAY CHALLENGE will teach you exactly how to make money by being you!
You will learn the secret to combining your "Soul Story" (your life experiences) with your skill or talent into a powerful message that attracts people to you. 
This ‘strategy’ becomes the foundation for your business.

"...your approaches don't make me feel salesy"
You have really great approaches that don't make me feel salesy. I just did my first workshop with 16 in my audience.  
By sharing my soul story, I've converted $1,200 in sales in 90 minutes!
Dorothy K.
"...Everyone that owns a business should do this!"
I did two talks - just wanted to let you know people LOVED it.
It was the best thing I've ever done! So glad I did it with you!
Michelle H.
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July 6 - 10
"...Thanks!  This has helped me so much!"
Having had her own "Life Tipping Point”, Odette understands the Power of Story and how your story influences your business.
With Odette’s help to create a compelling talk, I received a STANDING OVATION and a line up of people wanting to talk to me... 2 times in a row! 
Sue F.
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